This Web site shows photographs taken by Ghislain SIMARD, photographer who is involved in two subjects : sport pictures and wildlife pictures (especially butterflies in flight).

The solutions used for my high-speed butterflies shots are explained in the Nikon Pro magazine 04.2006 : flying by laser.

The issue 1/2006 of the international magazine Nikon News is dedicated to my high-speed shots of butterflies in flight with a portfolio and a making of about my specific equipment (18 pages). There is also another portfolio in this issue about sled dogs races.

This chapter is dedicated to wildlife close-up photography. You will discover stunning pictures such as take off of a Lady-Bird.
Technical data of each shot are described.
Today, all my photographs are taken with digital cameras. I share with you all my satisfactions using digitals tools, since my first close-up shots with a Nikon D1 up to high speed photographs taken with my Nikon D2x and its powerful flashes SB-800. I also explain the post processing on the computer.
These pages show some sport pictures. I give details in order to explain how the computer helps me to get action photographs better and better.
All the technical details of the photography of the Micro-World of insects are explained. New micro-photographers will discover how to take simple, static subjets. For experts, another chapter gives examples of the use of professional cameras.

High-speed wireless creative lighting !

I explain here how speedlight flashes driven by the SU-800 commander let me freeze high speed motions.

Field test of the Micro-Nikkor AFS VR 105 mm f/2,8

First review of the lens Micro-Nikkor AF-S VR 105 mm f/2,8 after one week of close-up taken in the nature.

high-speed close-up with a Nikon D2x/h

The Nikon D2x and D2h are the fastest DSRL available today. I have used their speed to catch butterflies in flight. Discover my high-speed close-up photographs !

Nikon D2X and lens AFS VR 200 f/2 G in the snow !

Searching for a new lens to replace the 2.8/300 on his Nikon DSLR equipped with a DX-size sensor, Ghislain Simard has tested the Nikkor AFS VR 200 mm f/2 G in the field in very difficult weather conditions.
Let’s follows him in the snow with the Nikon D2x and the 200 mm at the French sled dog race championship in the Vercors’ mountains named “Alpirush”.

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